Parish groups and activities

Organising the Christmas Tree Festival

St George's has a number of different groups and activities. New members are always welcome. Please click on the links below for more information and contacts:

The Chancel Guild
Fellowship of Marriage
Garden Gnomes
Mothers Union
Singing Group

DID YOU KNOW... that there is a small lending library at the back of St George's? It's behind the last pew on the right hand side as you face the altar.Though it is small, it does have variety.

You will find books by authors as varied as Archbishops Rowan Williams and Desmond Tutu, Rabbi Lionel Blue of Thought for the Day fame, Richard Dawkins and theologian Tom Wright.  Topics range from Christianity for Dummies to the ten commandments revisited, prayer and contemplation and science and religion.

To borrow a book, note it in the red signing-out folder on the appropriate sheet. The signing-out sheets are arranged alphabetically by author.