St George's - The Building

St George's in snow from east photographed by Richard Lamey
St George's, Stockport, is a rich and scholarly essay in the English late Gothic style.  It is a testimonial to Victorian grandeur and self-confidence.

The benefaction to build the church came from George Fearn, a wealthy local brewer, and the architects were Payley and Austin of Lancaster.  The church, vicarage and the school were designed and built at the same time to provide a complete unit, on a site given by Mr Wakefield Christie Miller.  Construction started in 1892 and the church was consecrated in 1897. 

The church is built of Runcorn sandstone.  In plan it is like a great perpendicular Gothic “wool church” such as Thaxted, or a fifteenth century town church such as Rotherham.  Viewed from Buxton Road the church rises impressively from the seven-light, east window, flanked by heavy buttresses to a high tower, above which rises the spire between thin flying buttresses connecting it with four pinnacles.  The total length of the church is 180 ft (55 m) and the width 75 ft (23 m). The height of the tower is 112 ft (34 m) and the total height of tower and spire is 236 ft (72 m).

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