St George's "Companion Church" Proposal and Briefing Papers

Throughout this year a series of events have been planned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of The Battle of St. Julien in 1917, at which many local men lost their lives. An agreement was made between the then Vicar, The Revd Thorpe, and the Cheshire Regiment at the Armoury in Greek Street to hold an annual memorial service for the next 100 years, and this year will see the fulfilment of that promise. 

As a proposal for the future it has been suggested that we form some sort of 'Twinning' arrangement with another parish church in Germany in which we might explore possibilities of a future together, and I have delivered a series of talks to our respective congregations on this theme. In addition two briefing papers have been distributed together with a Questionnaire - and I am delighted that they are now available on this website for those who may not have seen them.

Briefing paper 1

Briefing paper 2


Bob Hill